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Numerous scientific studies and observations of many experts in the field of dietetics , identified that , unfortunately, the majority of weight loss diets above all kulturystyka naturalna make the metabolic processes are slowed down . Most diets are largely trimmed of many nutrients , which results in the etching processes that are also slowed down. There are cases that people with naturally slow metabolism , watching at home almost entirely to their detention . Surely this situation is frustrating because despite the many sacrifices and even exercise, weight is still standing in place. Fortunately, there are some ways to speed up metabolism. In our article you will find a number of ways.

Throughout his life , accustom your body to specific reactions , behaviors , circadian rhythm , and the amount and type of food. If for a long time we ate quite a lot , or nourish unwell or kulturystyka naturalna calorie , at the time our body diet is introduced in a state of energy deficiency . At the time of this momentary hesitation energy , the body begins to burn supplementary material energy , in the form of body fat. Unfortunately the prejudice some energy reserves of the body, preparing for hard times , slowing down not only the metabolism but also other life processes . Therefore, we feel at this time lazy , tired and even irritated . Unfortunately, everyone’s body is responding to some shortcomings. Of course, one of the body enters a state faster while others are slowing down a bit at a slower pace. All of this is determined by several factors , not only in the characteristics between individuals , but also the living conditions and the quantities of hormones secreted .

The fastest of body fat storage using the strongest greasy . People strongly Fatty have much more fat and therefore slower they fall into a state of slowdown . In such a situation should gradually return to a slightly increased amount of carbohydrates in the diet , that this process is gradually increased . If we do it too abruptly effect will be that kulturystyka naturalna fast nabawimy a further pounds instead of lose them .

To be able to understand the reasons for the slowdown of metabolism at the time of weight loss , a closer look should be taken lectin . Leptin is a hormone that undoubtedly a great surprise to many people , is secreted by adipose tissue . Leptin is primarily aimed at regulating many processes, systems such as the circulatory system , or are immune . But what is most interesting , the hormone also regulates a number of energy processes . Since the secretion of leptin in the body depends on the feeling of our hunger or cravings for specific products . To speed up the process of metabolism in the process of weight loss , increase slightly the amount ingested daily dose of energy. It should do so in a thoughtful , so you do not get fat will make it again . Is prudent to increase the dose of energy especially on the days in which the sport grow . As a result, it is confirmed that the increase in the dose of energy will not przybraniu few pounds . Carbohydrate is good to take on training days immediately after exercise or in the evening , which probably surprise many people , as commonly claimed that cares about them more in the morning. During the processes of acceleration , slow metabolism diet , you should arm yourself with patience above all . It is impossible to clearly determine how much time you can take the process to return to the state before the weight loss . But certainly, it will take a little more than a few days. Frequently a sufficient period of time is one to two weeks. Of course, the duration of the whole process, is dependent on the residence time on the diet . After returning to stability can return to the diet, except that the weight loss process must be adapted to our metabolism that probably we were able to meet the time the process of return to their former state. However, if the weight loss process especially it was difficult to get back to normal , you should seek the advice of a nutritionist . You may need to apply our special diet for people with reduced metabolic process .

Unfortunately, all treatments, to slimming , such as training and applying an adequate diet, may to a greater or lesser extent affect the reduction of the rate of metabolism. Unfortunately, many people in such a case , start practicing more or agree to further tighten its restrictive diet. In such a situation, we begin to lose weight more slowly and even our body begins to accumulate everything that we eat . In this case, it is worthwhile to break your diet and wait a few days until everything returned to normal . After a few days, everything should be back to normal again and we will be able to begin the process of getting rid of extra pounds . It should be borne in mind also the fact that sometimes people who at the beginning of the diet do not lose a kilo or fields , since the hormone which regulates metabolism, starts off very quickly.