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There’s no denying that the biggest enemy of every person being on a diet is appetite. Excessive appetite is a common cause excessive scale build- up of fat. Many people , in order to throw off the extra pounds, apply restrictive diets or completely give up eating . Unfortunately, such an action brings a completely opposite effect. It turns out that the body prevented from consuming adequate amounts of food , not only slows down the metabolism in the body. Many people głodzących for a long time , after a few days literally pounces on the food , causing only more rapid weight gain , so- called yo-yo effect .

Certainly each of us remember our grandmothers and theories I have on good appetite, which supposedly is to be a sign of good health. In a way there is some truth , but not quite. Deals in fact , that an excessive appetite , in turn , may also be a sign of health problems. For many people , problems with excessive food intake associated with impaired May mechanism of control of food intake . Mostly it is associated with certain hormones. If the problem of excessive appetite, also applies to us as soon as possible should go to the doctor to diagnose the cause of this state of affairs . It happens often that this is one of many symptoms of the disease , which will require treatment.

Often says that the appetite grows with eating . Mostly saying this is used in a slightly different context , is not always on actually eating , but also in the literal sense of the word , there is a grain of truth. There are certain products that the more we consume , and the more the more we have no appetite. To the dismay of many people , an example of such products are among other sweets . Sorry, but there are very few people who really can not resist taking a while one candy from the pack lying nearby.

For products with a similar effect, you can add many others, especially those that are rich in carbohydrates. Nobody will deny the theory that obese people usually eat much more than lean people . The circle is closed , we eat more than we need which results in the deposition of fat, and eat rallies again because we have a greater need for calories .

Among the many products that we can buy in stores , you can easily choose those that interfere with appetite control mechanism . Among the most dangerous in this respect , are primarily highly processed products , ie those which have undergone multiple treatment to be on the shelf in the store. Among the products of this type of real leaders are processed cheese , all kinds of highly processed fast and white bread . Of course, this does not mean that we are forced to completely abandon the products of this type. But remember to choose on the basis of the meal especially the least processed products . ,

Very often the cause of constant feeling of hunger are poorly balanced diet. It is worth to choose the most nutritious products at the same time informative . For this purpose perfectly suited to any protein products . But we must remember that they contain primarily protein valuable. Thanks to him we will not feel hunger with such force , and already a small portion will be able to satisfy our hunger .

A very important issue in the reduction of too much food, is suing fruits and vegetables. It turns out that especially vegetables naturally suppress hunger . In addition, high fiber content accelerates the natural processes of metabolism. Of course there are less vegetables and more valuable. Certainly, the more valuable you can include broccoli , cauliflower and lettuce . This does not mean , however, that no values ​​are potatoes or legumes .

We now come to a very interesting aspect , so often skipped by many people. Trying to analyze your diet in terms of more and less valuable products , you can forget about beverages. It turns out that very often it is the drinks are part of the losing weight is difficult. Interestingly , it turns out that there are drinks that are not only high in calories , it’s still in addition have a significant impact on the amount of fluid we wpijanego . In a word , they cause even greater desire or appetite. Unfortunately, it turns out that such reactions are caused by all the sweet sodas .

No less important is the appropriate distribution of meals during the day . It is very important not only how much and how we eat but also when. It turns out , according to many studies , it is not worth eating only then when we really feel strong hunger . The ideal solution is to eat meals at intervals , so that we did not manage to feel transferee desire to absorb everything that is within our reach . In a word , eat more frequently , ie less !