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Not only women are experiencing some stress before going on vacation or an important option. Everyone wants this to be the best . No need to worry , however, specifically , there are many ways by which it will be possible to dump a few pounds in a short time . Of course, should be to prepare well in advance and start fighting the pounds , which cichlibyśmy get rid of. Below you will find many ways to get rid of these 2 – 3 pounds , which certainly will affect our appearance. Of course you can use one method or several of them.

Of course there is nothing to delude ourselves that thanks to some ways , we can get rid of many pounds. It may be only 2 or 3 to be more spectacular effects , it is necessary to apply multiple methods , and above all, a balanced diet and exercise appropriately selected , which will affect the speed of burning our body fat.

It is worth to eat spicy foods
Perhaps this seems unlikely, but study results are unambiguous. Scientists one University of South America have proven that eating spicy foods will accelerate the burning of fat . Why is this so? First of all because , as sharp dishes affect the acceleration of metabolic processes which in turn has an impact on faster than normal, burning unnecessary calories . So if you dream of to get rid of a few pounds , you should first of all try to eat at least once daily dish of chilli and other spicy seasonings .

How many walks
Many people on diets complain of too little visible effects of weight loss. The reason for this may be , inter alia, the system slowed metabolism and digestion. Fortunately, very quickly it can be improved. Are enough only spend about 30 minutes a day for a leisurely walk . Thanks to our digestive system will be stimulated to more rapid digestion. Scientists have proven that with this method , you can lose up to 1 kg more during the week.

It should drink milk
It is widely known that milk is very healthy for the body. More interestingly , it is also important in terms of shedding extra pounds. Why ? Primarily for this reason that the consumption of milk has a significant impact on the acceleration of digestion. If so , in spite of diet and frequent sports , our weight is in place may be the reason for this state of affairs is just retarded metabolism. So worth it to speed up and enjoy the effects.

Green tea
A very common cause of problems with dropping extra pounds are in the process of digestive disorders . Fortunately, you can easily get rid of them , accelerating them . Ideal for the green tea, which not only makes the metabolism becomes faster , it also provides the body with a dose of energy, releasing gradually throughout the day , not as in the case of coffee , just after its ingestion. So drink green tea 2-3 times a day and watch as your weight drops down .

You need protein
Anyone who has ever walked the site with dietai or read even one book on the subject , remember one of the most repeated diets in most publications – protein diet . Although most of us are convinced of the protein is primarily a source of building material and coal wdanych , it turns out that due to increased absorption of protein , you can lose a few unwanted pounds. This is primarily because , as the protein much faster and more easily digested than are many other nutrients that are delivered every day our body .

Do not watch cooking shows
If you are on a very restrictive diet and every day almost , you have to fight with each other, so as not to break the rules of the diet, you should not watch cooking shows . Unfortunately, such programs only cause an increase in appetite, which certainly is not indicated in this case . So in order not to expose themselves to an even stronger temptation should be avoided such programs , books and other publications.

brake appetite
If you feel hungry during the day , which does not allow you to focus on anything else , it is worth a little something to drown . For this purpose perfectly suited Almond nuts that are not only diet , but more importantly, effectively stop the feeling of hunger . It is worth to have a look at them all day , you always can not reach .

Sex on health
And finally some information that I think will please everyone. It turns out that during sex you burn a lot of calories. Therefore, in the case of the fight against unnecessary pounds , you might want to have it as often as not just make that combustion will be faster , the additive can also reduce our appetite . Strong sexual arousal in fact , makes it much less willing rafting food. Perhaps hard to believe, but so we can throw off even 1 kg in 10 days!

salutary grapefruit
It turns out that just as the lemon grapefruit speeds up the process of burning calories . Not enough that it is tasty , it’s really helpful. In addition, acidic taste , suppresses the feeling of hunger , which certainly plagued many people struggling with restrictive diets . Every day should eat a grapefruit, dividing it into two halves. You should also refrain from adding sugar to it , as do most people .