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There’s no denying that winter is not the kulturystyka naturalna time in which the pleasure to spend time outdoors. In contrast, spring is the time in which we begin to be happy to go for walks and even begin the adventure of running . The upcoming summer , prompting many people , especially women begins with the title, the fight against unnecessary pounds . Before the summer , many of us also want to improve slightly their figure , which was the perfect way seems to be running . Unfortunately, such decisions often take people who have an overwhelming number of time they spend watching TV . Widely circulated for review that can run each, and the sport is not only cheap but also widely available . It is true , however, that there is definitely a sport suitable for everyone. Of course there is no denying that running has a very good impact not only on our physical health but also mental . This does not change the fact that in order to be able to start running, it is necessary to adequately prepare . Without basic knowledge of warm-up and the running, we risk the possibility of the formation of numerous injuries and damage.

<span title="Jeśli do niedawna byłeś raczej domatorem unikającym kulturystyka naturalna zbyt dużej dawki ruchu, warto w pierwszym etapie popracować nad własną kondycją.”>If until recently been rather domesticated avoiding too much of traffic , it is the first step to work on your fitness. The most important is of course suitable prepare your body for training. You can not avoid the fact that we start training without warming up the muscles and tendons. If you generally never were running , or it was so long ago that even barely remember it myself , want to start your adventure with the running of the march which will gradually accelerate until the so-called slow-run . After a few weeks of regular walks will feel the difference . Certainly, your breath will be calmer and the march will be able to calmly talk . People having trouble with respiratory , cardiac and vascular , should consult a doctor before starting training. It may turn out that such physical activity is not advisable for them . Unfortunately, during running, we will be exposed to frequent injuries . Most of them arise primarily because our body is not properly prepared to make the effort . In most cases , damages are ankle and knee joints . This refers not only to all kinds of pain associated with over-exploitation . However, most runners suffer from dislocations , sprains and ligament naciągnięć . It is important to not disregard any signs of damage. Unfortunately, ignoring them and continuing training may again cause more serious disease. In the case of swelling or severe pain leg , you can visit the doctor.

It is also important to prepare for yourself the real and most of all safe training plan . A common cause of injury for runners is excessive fatigue to the novice runner. Very well known are the so-called case of the fatigue fracture . On the formation of these serious injury , is also affected badly chosen running shoes. You should also remember that this injury affects a larger number of cases, women , rarely men. Another , also often repetitive injury kulturystyka naturalna of runners is the so-called runner’s knee . A symptom of this disease is usually pain in the kneecap . In the event of any of the injury , it is very important as soon as possible contact their physician . In most cases, in fact , waiting for spontaneous disappearance of symptoms causing quite the opposite effect in the form of deepening injury.

If you are running loved it enough that we are confident that we will continue this activity , we should remember that most of all to acquire good shoes . In this case, you should reckon with the fact that it will be quite a significant expense , so be sure to prepare for and think it well . Under no circumstances should you make a purchase shoes over the Internet. Running shoes is an expense so large that they will need to try on . We need to feel absolutely comfortable in them . When buying shoes , you should try them on such a thick sock in which normally run . It is also important to have a moment to go to the store by checking whether they have been properly matched to the shape of our feet.

Although , running is a sport very old , and certainly seems that this is the perfect sport for all , the truth is somewhat different. If you suffer from any health problems , you should absolutely talk about them with your doctor. Although this kind of sport really brings a lot of positive aspects , it involves a considerable burden on the body and intense physical exercise , not indicated for each . Before you even begin the exercise should stock up on good shoes , which are at an early stage will reduce the likelihood of injury. It is also important that before each workout to perform a warm-up , also thanks to which we reduce the likelihood of injury.