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It turns out that for both in the process of weight loss and healthy nutrition care is very important not only what we eat, but also what we drink . Unfortunately, it turns out that for both the network and the people circulating among a lot of myths about the drinks. Many of them completely from the truth . So if you want to eat healthily , or a dream , and dropping a few extra pounds refer to facts about the drinks.

Sparkling water – unhealthy water
Most people hear about anything carbonated drinks immediately raises an uproar that it’s not healthy in general you should not drink . Of course ! It is right that it is true only if it applies to sweet drinks . The problem in fact is not the content of carbon dioxide in the drink, but the amount of sugar that was used in its production. Many people do not like to drink still water , so nothing stands in the way instead of drinking water they drank carbonated sparkling water .

Juice instead of vegetable or fruit
Widely circulated myth about the alleged fact that the cover glass of juice daily requirement of fruits or vegetables. Today, no one knows who and why put forward such statement. Most important , however, is that it is not true. Many juices , as they say do not even lay near fruit . Of course there are also the so-called 100% juices , but it is worth bearing in mind that the vast amount of their composition is sugar . Of course, a nice carton , will be written in capital letters, that the juice does not contain sugar. The truth is that it contains sugar, exactly the same amount as in the case of other juices so that it lies under the name – sucrose, fructose or glucose. You may ask what is so different glass of juice from the fruit consumed in its entirety as it also contains sugar . Now, not only is the fruit juice from the sugar contained therein but also valuable fiber and many other components which accelerate the absorption of sugars . In addition, fruits are also a valuable source of energy , which can not be said of the juices .

Coffee is dangerous
Although , this myth was overthrown relatively long time , it turns out that more and more people will give believes in the statement that the coffee is very dangerous to health. The truth , however, according to recent studies , is completely different. Drinking coffee in reasonable amounts , ie 1-2 cups a day , does not cause any adverse health effects . Interestingly, assisted by a number of natural life processes such as metabolism or digestion. Of course, exceptions are people here who suffer from hypertension . Rules consuming caffeinated products such persons should be determined by your doctor.

What better ; green tea or black
In this regard, we do not find a uniform answer. It turns out that for both green tea and coffee, do not carry any health risk . Both of these types of teas can be consumed by people of all ages . It should be borne in mind that green tea has stimulant properties and slightly raising the pressure . This action in the case of black tea is slightly smaller, which does not mean that it is completely undetectable . It should also be remembered that both types of tea have anti-inflammatory and atydoksydacyjne . You can not even hide that they are simply delicious .

Great beer belly
Although this statement is circulated throughout almost the whole world , and is very keen repeated by many people , the truth is that it has no reflect the truth. Beer , you can not hide , is highly caloric . But it has no ingredients that would just affect the increase of the abdomen. It is true , however, that excess drinking of alcohol has an effect on the functioning of the liver and excessive growth . In the case of many common and hard-drinking men, big belly is a sign of excessive growth of the liver and cirrhosis of the liver . Rarely , however , can grow yourself a belly , drinking one beer a day. You should also remember that weight gain , a much greater impact is the consumption of sugary , fizzy drinks , rather than a beer.

A desire to best water
If you really want us to drink, do not try to quench that thirst with sweet beverages or even juice . It turns out that such drinks additionally increase the feeling of thirst . However, remember that water will adequately irrigate all those thirsty or moderate growing sport . If propagates by professional athletes or persons Training more fiercely , much more suited special isotonic sports drinks that except that quench thirst , also provide the body with essential electrolytes .

In fact, it is worthwhile to limit your daily intake of drinks to one or two of coffee and no more than a few teas. Other thirst during the day, it is best to extinguish using plain water , carbonated or not. During intense training , however, should carry a isotonic drink , so that quickly regain lost energy .